The Doctor is not only a chiropractic physician, but he is also a certified nurse practitioner which is extremely unique. The Doctor is the only provider in the area with these credentials. This allows a much broader scope of practice. The Doctor does offer injectable treatments along with his typical chiropractic and physical therapy procedures. Toradol (NSAID) and Kenalog (steroid) injections are valuable procedures that many times are necessary to manage musculoskeletal pain commonly encountered by many healthcare providers.

Chiropractic injections

 Corticosteroid or NSAID injections into a muscle or in or around joint structures allow for more effective and shorter treatment plans by relieving pain, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility. Many conditions respond better and are tolerated better with an injection prior and during treatments such as chiropractic, physical therapy, and other physical treatments. At Hamilton Health Associates it is your choice as many options are offered. Of course, we always take the least invasive and non-drug approach first, but sometimes medication is beneficial.

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